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Blueprint Leadership Development, LLC.

Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer

Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Company


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Participating in a Blueprint retreat and utilizing the opportunities and mentorship that Rob offers has been a guiding light through both personal and professional transition. His leadership is tuned to create and manifest leadership in others. I’m immensely thankful for the contacts and relationships that have grown from my association with Rob and Blueprint Leadership Development.


Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Working with Rob over the last year has been a huge benefit to my businesses and for my personal growth. Setting goals was never a strong part of my life but now working with Rob it is a focus to help me achieve higher levels of success with both businesses. Breaking goals down into manageable parts that become part of my weekly and daily strategies. Pushing me to grow in all areas of my life.

Jake Van Ness

Graphic Precision / Elevated Virtual

What the Blueprint Leadership Program did for me was undeniably what I needed to take my professional life to the next level. Having a great mixture of personal and business life discussed, reverse engineered and then put into goal oriented actions has turned my perspective around on the ability to grow as a person. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think or act in a way that brings me back to base camp. It has done wonders this far and to have the continued support by not only Rob Shauger but those who also attended, creates a life long bond which in return stabilizes the accountability factor that a lot of us need. Especially in the Real Estate world. There is no doubt in my mind that even if people think they have things figured out, they can and will take something away from this leadership summit that will benefit them in one way or another. Let’s roll!

Anthony Wolcott

Oxford Property Group

Rob covered the full spectrum of Family, business and leadership, something that in my 20 years of business plus college I had not gotten before.

Mike Scaringe

Skyview Landscapes Inc

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Blueprint Leadership Summits were created by CEO, Rob Shauger after spending several years working with men who were business owners and business professionals. His work revealed that many men were seeking a lot of the same things; focused purpose, redefining their passion, accountability, and adventure.